Thursday, June 20, 2024

Xlendi is situated to the south west of Gozo.  The name is probably derived from the word 'xelandion', a type of Byzantine vessel which may have anchored in the port.  The church here is dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel.  The front section of the building dates back to 1868; in 1969 it was enlarged at the rear.  Dedication of the church took place in 1974.

Motto '
Navium Tutela
' Protection For Vessels
Harsien Ghall-Imriekeb

Xlendi falls under Munxar for administrative purposes, though it does have its own motto (see above).  A white statue of the apostle Saint Andrew, patron saint of fishermen, stands looking out over the port. You will find here the Xlendi Tower, built in 1650 and  perched on the promontory.  Always a 'must' visit, Xlendi is hugely popular, and rightly so.  It is a delightful place; wedged between two cliffs and the stuff of many a photograph !  Come here for the bathing, the stunning scenery, the walking, or just to stop and gaze at the sunsets.