Friday, July 12, 2024

Kercem lies only a short distance from the capital Victoria, yet it remains a secluded village.  The church was built between 1846 and 1851.  Its foundation stone was laid at the end of the procession on the feast of Saint Gregory on 12th March 1846.  It was consecrated on 22nd October 1912, and the village established a parish on 10th March 1885.  The nearby hill, 'Il-Mixta', is thought to be the site of the first human habitation of the Maltese islands.  The sister village of Santa Lucia has a quaint chapel which was built in 1657.

Flectar Non Frangar'
'Bent Not Broken'
'Nitghawweg Bla Ninkiser'

The countryside surrounding both these villages is breathtaking, and there are many countryside walks to be enjoyed.  The area was once known for its fresh water springs and it is still the most lush area of Gozo.  One can still see the remains of an aqueduct built by the British in 1839 which carried water to Victoria, and the nearby Lunzjata valley was once a hunting ground for the Knights.