Thursday, June 20, 2024

Ghajnsielem lies very close to Mgarr harbour. The name means 'Salem's Spring'; Salem being an extinct Arabic name. The spring was situated in the valley that ends in Pjazza tad-Dehra in the centre of the village. The monument in the square honours a local farmer, Anglu Grech who is said to have had a vision from the Blessed Virgin Mary, requiring that he build a church. The church was built by 1820 in honour of Our Lady of Loreto and still stands. Ghajnsielem has a new church whose foundation stone was laid on 14th September 1924; it was consecrated on 18 August 1989. The derelict chapel of St. Cecilia lies at the end of the village on the road to Victoria (Rabat); it is the oldest chapel on Gozo.

Ob Fontem Prosperitas'

'Flourishing Because of a Spring'

'Nistaghna B'Nixxiegha Ilma'

The coat of arms features three blue curved bands on a white ground, topped by a single gold star; depicting the close proximity of the village to the sea.

Today, Ghajnsielem is one of the largest villages on Gozo, enjoying the convenience of being right next door to the ferry terminal.