Friday, July 12, 2024

Fontana is a suburb of  Rabat, which itself is a suburb of the Citadel.  Fontana lies on the Rabat to Xlendi road.  The area became inhabited probably because of the usefulness of the fresh water spring.  In the sixteenth century an arched shelter was built over the spring.  Late in the nineteenth century,  fishermen who operated from the Xlendi area and lived in Fontana, began to save  proceeds from their catches to raise funds to build a church.   The foundation stone of the church was laid  on 29th January 1892 and it was dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1905.  The church was established as the parish of Fontana on 27th March 1911.

Travelling downhill on the Xlendi road and towards the right, is a spring-fed valley known as the Lunzjata, planted by the Knights for use as a private game reserve.  Farther down this stretch, and on the left,  one can gaze up high to see the  edges of the village of Munxar straggling across the hills.  Carry on along this road and you will arrive at  the delightful resort of Xlendi.

Motto 'Inudatione Ferax' Fertile Through a Spring Ghammiela Ghax Bl-Ilma Gieri.