Friday, July 12, 2024

Gozo has several beaches and coves, all of which vary in size and atmosphere.  Some demand a degree of effort to get to, others

do not.  You can pick the one to suit!
Ramla I-Hamra Bay

This is Gozo's finest and largest sandy beach, with lovely red gold sand. The bay is surrounded by countryside and there are no nearby tourist developments, but there are some snack bar facilities.  The beach has its own landmark - a white statue of the Virgin Mary.  Swimming is safe in clean seas, and in windier weather there is white surf rolling in onto the sands. Best to reach this bay following the signs from Nadur or Xaghra.

Dahlet Qorrot Bay
Find this isolated bay on the north east coast just below Nadur and Qala.  The coastline is craggy, and the bay is still used by local fishermen.  Perfect clear waters for snorkelling, and a good place enjoy a quiet stroll in the off season months.

The Inland sea, and the bay itself was created millions of years ago, it is thought when two caves collapsed.  The shallow lagoon found inland is linked to the sea via a 100 metre cave.  It is used by fishermen, swimmers and by divers as an access point.   The area also has some good underwater caves providing spectacular dive sites.

Hondoq ir-Rummien
Just below the village of Qala is the small cove of Hondoq ir-Rummien, very popular with bathers, and particularly snorkellers because of its clear and deep waters.  Access to the sea is by bathing ladders.  From here there are good views over to Comino.

This is Gozo's main seaside town, and in the summer months it is a bustling and lively resort area.  There is a small beach near the harbour with safe bathing.  A little farther around the coast, towards Qbajjar there is rocky coastline and good snorkelling.

San Blas Bay
This is a small, rocky bay set in lovely countryside, flanked by terraced hills, just below the village of Nadur. Recently, San Blas bay has been voted one of  the top ten most beautiful secret beaches in the world!  It is a favourite spot for bathers, note there is only a small parking area, and the beach is down  a rather steep hill. But take your  time -  the scenery here is beautiful and there is no hurry...

Mgarr ix-xini
This is a small isolated inlet arrived at through a scenic gorge, just below the village of Xewkija.  It was used by the Knights as a galley harbour - though today it is a quiet bathing spot with good swimming and snorkelling.

This is a lovely sea inlet, which is flanked by spectacular steep cliffs.  There is a tiny spit of sand near the harbour, but bathing here is usually off the rocks along the bay from ladders.  There are pathways here too, just along the left hand side of the bay, with spacious flat rocks for sunbathing.  Come here for stunning views out to sea, lovely scenery, and to enjoy the sunsets!